Our Business

eMagic is constantly seeking new partners who are buying and/or selling PC/PC-related, consumer electronics, factory inventory surpluses, refurbished, end of leasing agreement, etc.. products at a fraction of their original costs. eMagic deals in surplus inventories, over or non-moving stocks, obsolete product lines, complete or in parts, for PC/Apple peripherals like: Server HDDs(2.5/3.5", SAS/SCSI/FC), HDDs (1", 1.3",1.8",2.5" and 3.5", PATA/IDE/SATA/ZIF/LIF), LCD Monitors/Panels/TV, iPod/iPhone/iPodtouch/iPad parts (eg: Flash, wi-fi ,LCD,HDDs)CPUs, Memory, Flash Memories, m/boards+cards, USB devices, Networking products, wireless, Blue tooth devices, Multimedia products, Media, Enclosure and many more..... If interested, you are always welcome to contact us for further inquiries. Contact us